Top 5 Reasons Why the 9-5 is a Joke


I’m sure we’ve all been there: we set our alarms for 7am (but really climb out of bed at 7:49), make some coffee that was on sale at the store, put up our hair, tie our ties, and we’re out the door at 8:20, rushing because we have to be at work in 20 minutes.

But what exactly are we rushing for?

To go sit at a desk for 8 hours while the morning and afternoon waste away? To read email upon email, forward calls to someone who will actually care, and listen to our bosses gripe about numbers for 45 minutes? I don’t think so. Our day to day lives revolve around the same thing: 8 hours, 9am to 5pm. An endless routine of the same thing. It’s like Groundhog Day. And I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to make like Bill Murray and get out of that day to day trap.

But why you may ask? Well, to put it simple… a 9-5 job is a joke, and for these Top 5 reasons.

The 9-5 is Outdated AF

Why is it even 9-5?

Well, back in the old days when Ford Motors was starting out, (Over 100 years ago, I might add) the 9-5 was introduced in order to provide organization for the factories, and to help them run more smoothly. This means the 9-5 way of thinking is over 100 years old.

I don’t know about you, but I think the times have changed just a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean a lot.

It’s time to take on a more modern way of thinking. Do some jobs require extensive labor? Absolutely. But we’re also moving into an era where the use of technology is inevitable. We are surrounded by smart phones that can answer any and every question we could think of. We have blueprints and business modules at our fingertips within seconds. We don’t need to even go hook up plugs to the TV anymore, with instant streaming of movies and shows.

Technology makes things faster, which for this generation, means less time needed to do tasks. By working more efficiently with advanced tools, we eliminate the need for 8 hours of extensive work, and can get the job done in half the time.

Where Does Your Day Go?

You’re at work at 9. You get home a little after 5. That’s literally your entire day. Goodbye mornings and goodbye afternoons. Spending time with family can only be done after 5pm, and somehow you have to fit in dinner and soccer practices in between that. Pretty soon, you’re back in bed by 10pm just to go start the day all over again.

Life is more than just work. Especially at a job you may not even like. When you were a kid, did you imagine that this would be your life? Sitting at a desk or attending board meetings or shoving out plates of food for your entire day, and only getting a few precious hours of time for yourself?

It’s no wonder America is one of the most stressed countries in the world; we have no time to actually breathe.

When you’re living for the weekends, you’re living for only two days. What about the other five? That’s only 2/5 of your life that you’re actually enjoying, which means you’re not even enjoying half of it. And that my friends, is unbelievably sad.

Time is Money, and You’re Wasting Time

In the words of Lane Goodwin, “Time is your most precious asset. At a 9 to 5 job, time is a liability, not an asset.”

Oh, how true that really is.

A job isn’t going to give you millions of dollars. We all know that. It’s going to give us a yearly salary of average 50k… aka a survivable wage. And it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have; you’re working for your money, not making your money work for you.

Pay raise is limited to 3% on average. And that big bonus check? That’s the equivalent of your boss throwing you a bone for making them money. And the moment you stop working is when you stop making money, which means there’s no such thing as residual income.

Working 8 hours a day for a good 300 days, if that, out of the year is going to allow you survive, not thrive.

A 9-5 Job Kills Creativity… and Crushes Your Hope

Unless you absolutely adore your job, and every aspect about it, (which, if you do, that’s awesome!) you’re going to feel trapped. A 9-5 job is formulaic and is based off routine.

You’re like a guinea pig running on its little wheel. And yeah, that’s cute, but that means you’re also running in circles and you occasionally fall off the wheel.

The atmosphere you work in at a 9-5 job is limiting. As a society we’ve advanced, and made workplaces more expressive and employees can now voice their honest opinions… but how about their creativity?

Sure, you may voice your ideas. But how many times have they been acted upon? I used to work at Macy’s, and let me tell you, no shade, but corporations just don’t care about their employees. Especially the little ones, ironically, because they’re what make the company its money.

This overall shuts down creativity and possibilities of making a company run more efficiently, as well as making employees happier. Hopes and dreams? Crushed.

The Stress… The Stress.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all got stress.

Take a quick breath. Even though you might think you’re not stressed, really look inside. Does everything seem overwhelming at times? Finances, family, jobs, events, diet, school, car troubles, relationships, peer pressure, too much on our plates, etc,. We’ve all got stress. It’s natural.

But real quick, ask yourself: “How much of this is coming from my job?”

Every job will have stress. But at a 9-5, you’re stuck with it. You’re constantly forced to do strict tasks due at a strict date, attend meetings, keep up with everything, and dedicate your entire being to those 8 hours… and overtime if you’re “lucky.”

Jobs cause stress. Hair pulling stress. From dealing with rude customers to snarky emails, we all have been there. How do you deal with it, personally? Or do you?

To sweeten the pot, there’s also the risk of losing your job. That’s even more stress.

This kind of stress is bad for our health. Plus, sitting in those office chairs all day makes our posture horrible and pretty soon we’re at the chiropractor. A 9-5 job also leaves very little time for stress relievers, such as exercise. No one wants to go the gym after a long day. Same with dinner: how many times have you decided to just pick up a pizza because the thought of spending an hour cooking dinner just feels like too much? Diet: ruined.


The conventional 9-5 is a joke. We’re meant to be so much more than puppets and machines who clock in and clock out. I’m not saying go start your own business, but I am saying this: start doing something.

Have a side income, or a side gig. Know what you’re good at and make it a service, and charge people for said service.

Always find a way to fit your passions into your lifestyle. Without them, you’ll dread waking up in the morning. Find something to look forward to.

Do something spontaneous every once in awhile. Tired of salad for lunch? Treat yo’self. Or try a new salad. Or go on a roadtrip.

Learn about yourself and what makes you happy, and be un-shamefully yourself. You do you. Know your worth.

Always take a little “me-time.”

The 9-5 is modern day slavery. It has its perks, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot of downsides, as well. Don’t stay miserable; don’t waste your life. Get up and start thriving, not just surviving.

Remember, it’s one day at a time. And for most of us, 8 hours at a time.

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Coffee connoisseur, CEO in the making, published writer, workaholic, among other things. Passionate about all things music, art, culture and travel. I'm currently a marketing intern at two domestic violence/sexual assault shelters right here in Boise, Idaho. I like to think I'm pretty decent at writing stuff.

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