Where It All Began

I remember as a child my dream of what I wanted to do was constantly changing.

I had big dreams. At first, I wanted to be a traveling veterinarian. Next, a writer. And then, a violinist and conductor. But finally, I discovered my true dream, the thing all these things had in common: I wasn’t interested in the average day to day life of working myself to death at a job I hated. I wanted freedom and flexibility, and most of all? Passion.

Fast forward a few years, and I quickly grew accustomed to the world of marketing and business. I advanced in my courses, and started teaching myself the basics and principles when no one else would. I quickly became the head of the marketing department at my school, managing multiple projects of my own as well as successful community service projects. I got a job as a marketing intern at a local domestic violence shelter, as well as a position in outreach and activism at a state coalition. My interests stretched far, starting with graphic design, content creation, copywriting, advertising and eventually specializing in social media management. Every single accomplishment was a baby step in the right direction, but I decided it was time to take a leap.

And thus, Nine to Five Marketing was born.

We’re not traditional here. We believe in making marketing something to cherish, with originality and genuine integrity.

Nine to Five Marketing not only stands for my personal beliefs, but for my passion, as well. It is the result of hours upon hours of commitment, and the definition of hard work. It is a business that exemplifies a life’s worth of turning dreams into a reality for myself… and now for you as a future client.

At Nine to Five Marketing, you will be guaranteed services that are top quality… and actually engaging for your consumers. If you love your job, you’re going to want the best for it. Hire someone who actually has a love for what they do. It will make all the difference in the long run.

With hard work and passion, the result will always be beautiful.

Image Credit: Livability

~ Baylie McCallister, Owner of Nine to Five Marketing

It’s not about luck. It’s about hard work and a relentless drive for constant progress.

– Anonymous